Exnodes: 3 nm node unpatterned wafer inspection for qualification & monitoring

Elevate chip yield at the leading edge

With inspection that can see chip killing defects

8.9 nm SiO2 sensitivity breakthrough

With visible wavelengths that won’t damage wafers

Computational Parallel Inspection®

  • Parallel Illumination for adaptive coverage with visible wavelengths
  • Computational Imaging for wide-field, high-resolution matched detection
  • Yield Learning for defect detection, classification and root-cause analysis
  • Learn more from 10 issued patents

Compact footprint enables onboard unpatterned wafer inspection modules

Onboard wafer inspection enables real-time feedback

Real-time feedback loops maximize yield in high volume manufacturing

High sensitivity & throughput inspection

120 wafers/hour at 20 nm SiO2 sensitivity

Simultaneous detection of 8.9 nm to 100 nm defects

Validated by industry leaders over a wide range of defect sizes